Differences Between A Food Processor And A Blender

A food processor and blender are both home appliances used in the kitchen for different things to accomplish whatever task you want them to do. Meanwhile, we are going to be talking about the differences between the two because they serve different purposes

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What is a food processor? 

A food processor is an electric kitchen appliance that is used for slicing, cutting, shredding and mixing foods. On the other hand, they are ideal for labor-intensive tasks like making the dough. While a blender is a jug like kitchen appliance mainly used for liquid. Meanwhile, some blenders are powerful than a food processor. 

However, we are going to be talking about the basic differences between a blender and a food processor. Let start with the shape first, a food processor is large and bowl-like in shape.

The shape

Its blade is ridged and sharp which makes them slice through thick and tough foods substances while a blender is like a jug and is mainly used for liquids that are for blending, some blenders blade are not super sharp compare to a food processor but some blenders that are used for smoothies can be used for crushing, shredding and so on.

A food processor is mainly designed for pulverizing solid food into smaller bits. 

The size

Size is also an important factor between the two of them. Food processors have a large capacity as well as varieties of bowls and blades that come with it while blenders have fixed size, moreover, some blenders also come with extra cups.

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Meanwhile, a food processor is a good equipment for bakers while a blender is really good for anyone that loves smoothies either for personal use or commercial. A food processor can function in different aspects like chopping vegetables, making dough and so on while blenders are ideal for making purees, smoothies, soups, etc. 

In conclusion, a food processor is the best for handling thick things like butter, nuts, and dough while a blender is best known for handling liquids like soups and smoothies.

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