How to Blend a smooth Slushy

If you want to blend ice effortlessly, you are unlikely to make a slushy cocktail at your convenience. Some people have problems placing ice cubes in the mixer when they know it doesn’t come as much from a grocery store or if they get a frozen drink from a restaurant. But the basic of every slushy are ice cubes in a blender.

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Different ways to create a smooth slushy with a blender

  1. Make sure your blender is powerful enough. A minimum of 750 W is needed for crushing ice cubes.
  2. Apply the ice cubes one at a time. This way they will not get stuck or overwhelm your blender.
  3. Tip for extra smoothieness: If you mix the liquid and put ice cubes step by step once or at various stages, you will get a creamy consistency a lot easier.
  4. Ensure that the liquids are fully homogenised with whatever you mix in the previous round of ice cubes.A

Click here for the basic slushy recipe


Pro tip:
Instead of using ice cubes made from water, try using ice cubes made from frozen fruit (whole) or frozen fruit concentrate.

How? Simply fill in a tray and freeze in an ice cube. You can use it to make ice cubes that combine even better than normal ones if it gets completely frozen.

Tips for healthy ice cubes with fruits

  • combine your favorite fruits with only a little water
  • Keep mixing until the fruit is completely liquefied.
  • Place the whole fruits mixed into ice cube trays.
Place fruits in ice cube tray and fill with water before freezing

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The explanation for this is that the entire flavor and spice are already incorporated in the ice cubes.


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