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How To Blend a Slushy

How To Blend a Slushy

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If you want to blend ice effortlessly, you are unlikely to make a slushy cocktail at your convenience. Some people have problems placing ice cubes in the mixer when they know it doesn’t come as much from a grocery store or if they get a frozen drink from a restaurant.

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Here are different ways to create a cocktail that has the feel of smoothly melted ice:

  • When you apply ice to your blender at a time then it is impossible that you will get stuff stuck. If you mix the liquid and apply some cubes of ice to it at once or at various stages, you will get a creamy slushy-like feeling a lot easier.
  • Do not pull all the ice cubes all together, if they are too big. Qou will find that the liquid in the mixer becomes a cyclone and all are attracted to the blades. If you really want to keep the ice soft, add new cubes one by one and slowly. Ensure that the liquid s fully homogenized with whatever you mix in the previous round of ice cubes.
  • Instead of using ice cubes made from water try using ice cubes made from frozen fruit (whole) or frozen fruit concentrate.

How? Simply fill in a tray and freeze in an ice cube in order to make the second. You can use it to make ice cubes that combine even better than normal ones if it gets completely frozen.

Nonetheless, the healthier option is to use whole fruit such as this:

  • combine your favorite fruits with as little water as possible.
  • Maintain the mixer until the fruit is completely liquefied.
  • Place the whole fruits mixed into trays of the ice cube.
  • When cooled, blend to make a super smooth drink with as little liquid as possible.

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The explanation for this is that the entire flavor and spice are already incorporated in the ice cubes.

This way you don’t extra cool your drink and the ice and beverage you want to drink won’t get broken, but it’s still cold and frozen.


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