How To Zest A Lemon Without A Zester

Using a zester is really a good and the easiest way for anyone that has it in there kitchen. But if you don’t have it, it is not a problem at all because there are ways to go about zesting a lemon or other citrus without using a zester. Moreover, using is more like a professional way for some people while most people believe that is most used by chefs to add more flavor to there dishes or for decoration.

zested lemon

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A while ago, before the invention of a zester, there were traditional ways people zested their lemons. Even up to date not everyone uses a lemon zester.

Here are the ways to zest your without a lemon zester

Using a knive

You can zest a lemon by using a knife, meanwhile, this method is a little bit tedious compared to that of a zester that is easy and the end result might not be the same as that of a zester but there is a way you can maneuver over it. When you want to use a knife, peel out the part you want to use, you have to be careful so as not cut so deep, then after this process, it will come out in thin strips but you can dice them into smaller bits of your choice.

With a grater


Another method of zesting without a lemon zester is using a grater. This is one of the fastest methods for zesting a lemon but produces kind of thin zests.

Simply run the lemon slightly on the grater, then turn over the lemon continuously till you get the desired amount.

Well, a lemon zester is not compulsory if you can zest a lemon without it. The main purpose of using the Best Lemon Zester is its convenience and the way the zest comes out in styles that makes it attractive to dishes.

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