How To Preserve Lemon Zest

The use of lemon zest is quite much and when zesting a lemon you can do as many as you want which you can preserve for later use. Here we are going to talk about the tips of preserving a lemon zest and how long it can last.


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Ways to store lemon zests

There are different ways you can preserve your lemon zest, you can do that by reserving it in the refrigerator, drying and turning it into candy.

Inside the fridge

Using the refrigerator, all you need to do after zesting your lemon is to store them in a ziplock bag that is a tight bag that air would not have access to it so as to maintain its freshness.

You don’t have to overstuff the bag with it, you can put it bit by bit into the ziplock. Then you refrigerate, it can last as long you want it to but it is advisable for three weeks to maintain the freshness and fragrance.

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Another way of preserving is by drying which actually takes a while before it finally dries off and can be sprinkled on dishes. The dried zest can be used as a flavor for tea. If dried very well all you just need is to store in a jar.


For the candied process, which is the process of coating your zest in sugar or syrup by baking but before this, you can boil your zest to avoid any form of bitterness.

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