How To Zest A Lemon Without A Box Grater

A box grater is a kitchen tool that is used for grating different things like cheese, vegetable, nuts but in this aspect, a box grater taking another dimension that is using a box grater for zesting lemon. Graters vary in different sizes, shapes, and specifications but this particular grater can be also used for zesting lemon.

lemon zestbox grater

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A box grater has different holes patterns, which has small and large holes. In a box grater, there is a pattern that can be used for zesting lemon, which is the smallest one.  When you are about to start this procedure all you need is to get all your required items ready including your lemon.

Step 1
Get your box grater, cutting board and washed lemon ready because probably you might need a cutting board to place the grater while zesting or preferably a clean surface.

Step 2
Place your grater on the cutting board using one hand to hold it and the other hand to hold the lemon and start the process by turning the lemon over till you remove all the colored peel. The white pith is showing now, meanwhile another way to know if you have reached the pith is when the lemon becomes harder to grate.


As the white pith is bitter, do not use it in your drink or recipe.

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You have to be careful when running the lemon over the grate so as to not injure yourself because the blades are quite sharp.


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