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The Difference Between A Zester And A Grater

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A zester and a grater are both kitchens utensils that have different functions they perform when it comes to cooking. The way each of them is structured is different from each other. At times, they might perform the same functions for each other making it easy.

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The first thing to notice in these two kitchen tools is the size of the holes, the holes of a zester are small compared to that of a grater, meanwhile, the way the hole of a zester is made makes it great for cooking especially for garnishing. While a grater can be used in shredding all sorts of things like cheese, vegetables and it also cut a little bit deep compare to what a zester will do. A grater cuts in strands while a zester cut is curled.

Meanwhile, some grater has different specifications like the box grater, for example, it has different types of holes around it which you can use anyone you want depending on whatever ingredients you want to grate and how you want it to look like for you. 

In conclusion, the major difference between these two is not really glaring because most times they perform the same functions but the end result might not be the same as you want it to be. A zester is more professional compared to a grater because of its performance for decorating, sprinkling and garnishing on cakes, pizza, cocktails and many more while a grater mostly shreds and it comes out in form of a ribbon or strands.  

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I hope with this article you can differentiate the work of a zester to that of a grater, you can as well get the two for your household use depending on you, maybe your budget or the functions you want it to perform.


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