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Recipe Meat Stews

Savoury Lamb Stew

When the weather is getting colder, it is time for a how little treat dish. Slowly cooked lamb stew is the perfect dish to warm body and soul.  What do you do on a day like this?  Well, in my house the boys decided to go for an 8km run around a cold, stark lake.  …


Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

There are so many good vanilla ice creams on the market but for pure indulgence, there is nothing to beat a good homemade version. If you are worried about making the custard – don’t be.  If you end up with a lumpy mess then just take a whisk to it and beat the lumps out …

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I have to confess that chocolate ice cream is not my favourite but in the latest Food and Travel magazine there is a dessert which intrigues me.  It looks fabulous but I just can’t see how all the different flavours can work together.  It involves making three different ice creams and one of them is …

Recipe Tarts


Every year we set off to France for our summer break with my Mum and Dad and every year I say I am going to eat sensibly.  What happens – my Mum dishes up her famous lemon fridge tart and all my resolve goes out the window and it is pretty much downhill from that …


Honey and Mustard Salad Dressing

This super quick and easy honey and mustard salad dressing is definitely one of our favourites at the moment – so much so that I make double the quantity and store in the refrigerator. A really quick dinner for us is to bake some chicken breasts in the oven, slice thinly and add to a …



After weeks and weeks of rain, we finally have some sunshine and with that comes al fresco dining. Friday nights are always a bit of a rush for us so this salad is perfect – the butternut can be prepared in advance and then just quickly throw everything together at the last minute. Perfect with …