When getting a smoothie blender, you have to look out for the best because it is like a routine for some set of people, they can’t go a day without having smoothie with this if you want to run a smoothie blender every day it has to be of good quality.

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Here are some of the things to consider before getting one;

  • The Capacity.
  • The Size.
  • The Blade
  • The Lid

The Capacity

Picking a good blender for making green smoothie or smoothie,BEST BLENDER FOR SMOOTHIE AND GREEN SMOOTHIE the first thing you should look out for is the power to know how many watts it has to know how well it is going to work, for it not to burn. 

This is really essential because smoothie blenders are always high in watt compared to a normal blender because of the functions it will perform. For a smoothie blender, the watt should at least be 500 watts upward.

Meanwhile, the higher the watt of a blender, the higher the work it will do, because some cannot actually do a lot of work especially for greens, the way you make use of your blender is the way it will last long by not over-stuffing with fruits or veggies to blend at a go.

The Size

Considering the size to pick for a smoothie blender, if it is just one man serve it advisable to get a product that can serve in that aspect and if it is the other way round for family, getting a family blender is the best that can serve as many people as possible.

Another important thing is getting a smoothie blender for commercial purpose, there are blenders that work in this aspect for chefs. Also, some people consider the size because of where to place their blender, like a countertop blender.

The Blade

It is really good to look out for this also because this is actually one of the most important things in a blender. A blade can function in different aspect either for chopping, crushing, shredding, etc

When getting a smoothie blender it is advisable to get a blender that you can easily detach the blade from it when you want to clean. In addition, some blenders come in different materials like plastic, glass, steel, well all good depending on personal use. It has to BPA free.

The Lid

The lid of a blender is important because most lids are not always tight, you have to place your hands on it so as not fly off and mess the whole place. When running the blender, most people leave it to do something also that is if the lid is tight but if it is the other way round you have to hold on to it.

In other words, the lid of a smoothie blender has to be tight and firm so as not to mess the whole place up.

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