A manual meat grinder is an integral tool in the kitchen. It is important to know how to make use of this tool appropriately. The following are the step by step procedure in using a manual meat grinder:

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          *Place your manual meat grinder on a balanced surface; some manual meat grinders have clamps and extra screws for better coordination and balance, if you purchase a manual meat grinder that has these features, put these in place. The main point here is that the meat grinder should be balanced properly on a good surface.

A manual meat grinder helps to facilitate better cooking hence healthier living.

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          *Cut and put away excess tendon, fat, and cartilage from the meat to prevent a clog and a smear while grinding,  then Slice the meat into smaller pieces so that it can be easily placed into the manual grinder. 

          *You can go ahead to keep the chunks of meat in the refrigerator to keep it in shape and make the grinding process smooth and easy. However, if you don’t want to put in a refrigerator based on your preference or it couldn’t just happen at that time, you can keep in a cool place to achieve this.

         *Put the sliced chunks of meat into the chute so that the grinding process can start

         *Turn the handle or crank, this is usually located by the side of the manual grinder in a rhythmic and steady way, as the meat chunks go in through the chute into the grinder, the steel blades cut the meat into pieces and a continuous movement in this way results in proper grinding.

         *As the grinding continues and it gets to the last piece and it is done and dusted, start to disassemble and clean, most manual meat grinders are easy to disassemble, clean and use; so it is very important to purchase a good quality manual meat grinder. Some others are safe to dishwash. Therefore clean properly after use. This ends the process of how to use a manual meat grinder.

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