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How To Make Slushy Ice

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How to make that instant slushy? Would you like to make a drink into a snacky, semi-frozen beverage? Usually, this means putting your needed drink in the fridge and preparing to be served, but you can have a frozen slushie treat in this perfect way in only a few minutes!

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Mmmm, you’re not waiting for any cold drink remedy on a hot summer day like a slushy ice tea. In a variety of flavors, slushy drinks can be made. The creativity is limited to. Try peach, orange or new fruit. You may even start using flavored liqueurs before applying them at the end of the process of slushy preparation.

In a mixer, remove the ice cubes. For a single drink, using half a mug, or serve two with a whole bowl.

Fill in the blender pool with the flavoring of preference. You should apply syrups, powders or gels to your taste. You should wait until the ice is almost completely broken.

Switch the mixer at the lowest rate. Do not let the ice melt too fast, so that it liquefies. Be careful to watch how smaller and smaller the big cubes are. Switch off the mixer when it is your preference of size and before it is completely hot.

Glasses to pour in. Drink cups, great cups or other candy cups may be useful. Use any glass that gives the occasion a sense of fun.

Drink up. Drink up. Drink up. Before it freezes, make sure you enjoy the slushy cocktail. Otherwise, you may need to restart the process.

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Consider exceptional flavors, for a different taste, such as pineapple or guava juice concentrate.


Do not add more than one cup of ice. Too much ice could lead to a malfunction of the blender. It can also increase the efficiency of ice smashing.

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