Cleaning a meat grinder is somewhat easy and basic especially when it is a quality grinder. It is very vital to keep the grinder clean as it makes grinding smoother, more effective and free from contamination.

It is important to clean and make tidy the meat grinder properly so as to prevent the issues and problems highlighted above.

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In cleaning the meat grinder, firstly disassemble the parts, a good meat grinder would be easy to disassemble; therefore it is highly important to purchase a good meat grinder.

To be on the safe side, if you want to clean an electric meat grinder, disconnect from the power supply. If it is a manual meat grinder this is a step that won’t take place.

A manual meat grinder needs to be taken care of properly as it a needed tool in the kitchen

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The next step is to remove the screws, the cover, the blades and then the plates. After disassembling, put one slice of bread, put it into the grinder just like a chunk of meat, grind it, this helps to remove leftover residues so that cleaning can be way easier.

It seems a bit funny but it does work, you can try it if you are convenient with it. When handling the blade, one has to be very careful so as not to hurt one’s self or damage the blade.

Some meat grinders are dishwasher safe, that is good enough but it is important to note as if you purchase a meat grinder that is not dishwasher suitable, it could be damaged. Now to cleaning the meat grinder; wash with warm soapy water; in washing scrub the grinder thoroughly from the outside to the inside.

The hopper can be cleaned using a subtle bottle brush. For an electric meat grinder, do not put in water as it can result in damaging the motor so therefore in cleaning this, wash around the body, the hopper and tube and while doing this strictly make sure the motor is kept dry.

After which you clean other accessories associated with the meat grinder. When this is done properly and thoroughly, leave to dry well, then store properly for future usage. 

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