How long should a single shot of Espresso take?

A single shot of espresso can be formulated of about 7 grams of ground Espresso coffee (or a pod) in the Filter. The brewing time from the minute you start the pump is approximately 20 seconds and delivers a single shot cup of 1 ounce (30ml) of espresso.

But let’s start from the beginning

Timing is less important when brewing a coffee, you might have 50 grams or 100grams of coffee. If it is coming out in 20 or 10 seconds you will get a weaker and bitter coffee, your espresso won’t taste good.

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When your espresso is brewed within 20 seconds, you will get a lighter body result. When it is brewed within 40-45 seconds you will get a heavier body result and a tasty espresso. In order words, the slower the espresso the sweeter your espresso, the quicker your espresso, the bitter the result.

Furthermore, there’s no precise rule for timing. The amount of time used depends on how many grounds of coffee you put in your basket. Espresso is a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water under high pressure through finely-ground coffee.

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Three factors are determining the amount of time an espresso should take

  1. Grind size
    The finer the ground size of the espresso beans, the slower the flow of water through this layer of coffee. The coarser your ground coffee size, the quicker the flow of water. This directly affects the flow rate of the finished espresso.
  2. Pump pressure
    The lower the pressure, the slower your espresso shot will run and the lower the flow rate will be.
  3. Size of basket
    The coffee basket determines the flow due to the number and wideness of the holes. The more openings the basket has, the easier it is for the water to flow through it.



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