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Functions Of A Food Processor And Why Every Kitchen Needs It

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A food processor can handle all the tasks that a knife and cutting board, a blender can do but it is easier and faster. It varies in different sizes, shapes but they all carry out the same basic functions.

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We are going to be talking about the functions and why every kitchen needs to have it; the functions are really numerous.

It can be used for chopping in the sense that its main blade has an S shape used for chopping foods into smaller pieces. It can as well grind meat.

Slicing- some food processor comes with blades that slice foods as you drop them into the chute at the top of the processor. It can be used to slice cucumber, carrot, vegetables, etc.

When it comes to grating also, a food processor is also good in that function. For grating cheese, potatoes.

A food processor can also be used for making dough, meanwhile, some food processors also come with a dough blade that can be used for kneading.

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In addition, they are also used for pureeing the likes of soups, sauce. You have to be careful in doing this for it not to leak all over the place that is you don’t have to overload the bowl.

Food processor makes life easier in a way that it actually cuts down the amount of work that you have to do in the kitchen. It is a good kitchen equipment that every family should have in their kitchen, not too expensive, moreover, it varies in price depending on your budget and saves time.


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