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Difference Between Smoothie Maker and Blender

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There is a little difference between a smoothie blender and a normal blender. When you check the quality, size and features out, it is not the same thing. The work a smoothie blender can do a normal blender can not do it.

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Another specific thing about them is that smoothie blender are actually made for making smoothies in the sense that some are used it for commercial purpose while a normal blender we use in the kitchen to run our daily activities can not be used like that.

Smoothie blenders some times come in small sizes for just an individual, well we have big sizes also which can actually serve a family while it is actually rare before you see a normal blender used in the kitchen comes in small size.

Another distinctive thing about them is that some smoothie blender product sometimes comes with cups that can be used to serve it on a go and can also be carried around with you while some blender also comes with extra cups but cannot be used to serve.

 Smoothie blenders blades are quite different from that of a normal blender, the way a smoothie blender blade is been designed to be able to do different things like crushing ice, chopping the greens and so on compare to that of a normal blender because its blade is designed for doing something entirely.

However, it is advisable to have two appliances at home BEST BLENDER FOR SMOOTHIE AND GREEN SMOOTHIE in the sense that one will be for smoothie while the other one will be used for other things in the kitchen like blending pepper, etc. It is actually good to separate them so as not to be having different tastes in your smoothie, color, odor. 


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