Green smoothie cleanse is a way of detoxing your body. If you want to get rid of excess fat in the body, you can actually do a 10 days green smoothie cleanse, meanwhile, throughout this process, you are not expected to eat, but if you are hungry you can snack on fruits like carrot, apple and so on. You are not expected to take soda, carbonated drinks, white bread, meat.

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They are filling and healthy. It increased energy, it actually reduced craving. It is advisable to take enough water too because it will really help a lot. Also, this process of 10 days is really challenging.

Before starting this process, if you are the type that likes monitoring your progress to know how far you have gone, you take a picture of yourself, weight, measure your waist to compare it with the way you were before the process and after the 10 days challenge.

Another important thing is to ensure you don’t repeat the same greens every day, you rotate it so as not to build up. Ensure you make use of ripe fruits for your green smoothie and make use of frozen fruits for your smoothie to be chill for drinking. BEST BLENDER FOR SMOOTHIE AND GREEN SMOOTHIE


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